Fire Extinguishers – Fire Extinguisher Types: ABC, CO2, Class K, Water, Purple K, Class D – Hand Portable & Wheeled Units. Fire Hoses, First Aid Kits, Fire Escape Ladders, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Smoke Detectors, Exit & Emergency Lighting, Fire Blankets, Eye Wash Stations, Nonflammable Safety Cabinets, Fire Extinguisher location Signs

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Services We Offer

Servicing on fire extinguishers and wheeled units include  Inspection/tagging – annual & monthly.

Recharging or 6 year maintenance.

Hydro testing.

We also provide annual smoke detector testing and battery replacement if needed.

We can inspect and/or replace fire hoses. Install fire extinguisher cabinets and/or replace broken or lost pieces.

Brands We Offer